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British and Metric Fittings
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BSP Fitting SS-9000

Male BSPP x Male BSPP Adapter - Stainless

BSP Fitting SS-9003

Male BSPP x Male BSPT Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9005

Male JIC x Male BSPP Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9007

Male BSPP x Male NPTF Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9008

Male BSPT x Male NPT Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9011

Male JIC x Male BSPT Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9015

Male BSPP x Female BSPP Swivel Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9021

Male BSPP x Female JIC Swivel Adapter

BSP Fitting SS-9028

BSPP Countersunk Sealed Plug (w/viton seal)

BSP Fitting SS-9029

Metric Countersunk Sealed Plug (w/viton seal)

BSPP Plug SS-9030

Male BSPP Hex Head Plug

SS-9030T SS-9030T

BPST Hex Plug

BSPP Fitting SS-9033

Female BSPP Swivel Cap

BSPP Fitting SS-9035

Male BSPP to Female NPTF Adapter

BSPP Fitting SS-9037

Male NPTF to Female BSPP Adapter

SS-9042 SS-9042

Male BSPT x Female NPT (Solid)

BSPP Fitting SS-9043

Female BSP to Female BSP Adapter

AN Fitting SS-9059

Male JIC to Male BSPP 90 Elbow Adapter

AN Fitting SS-9063

Male JIC to Male BSPT 90 Elbow Adapter

British Fitting SS-9069

Male JIC to Male Metric Adjustable 90 Elbow Adapter

Metric fitting SS-9200

Male JIC to Metric Standpipe

Metric Nut SS-9201L

Metric Light Tube Nut

Metric Nut SS-9201S

Metric Heavy Tube Nut

Metric fitting SS-9202

Metric Tube Cutting Ring

Metric fitting SS-9235

Male Metric to Female NPT

BSPP Fitting SS-9240

Male JIC x Female BSPP Swivel Adapter

BSPP ring SS-9500

Bonded Seal

Metric ring SS-9500MM

Bonded Seal for Metric Thread

SS-9500MMV SS-9500MMV

Bonded Seal for Metric Thread - Viton

BSPP ring SS-9500V

Viton Stainless Bonded Seal

SS-9605 SS-9605

Male JIC x Male Metric Dual Purpose

SS-9606 SS-9606

Male JIC x Male Metric Dual Purpose