The Top Manufacturers of Hydraulic Hoses


Image Description: An image of a large machine that braids the reinforcement mesh on a hydraulic hose

A hydraulic hose is a vital component of hydraulic systems. They connect various hydraulic components and convey hydraulic fluid to perform its function. Depending on the installation, hydraulic hoses may form an interconnected web. Any weaknesses may lead to a drastic loss of functionality. Presently, mid-market hose manufacturers such as Titan, Kurt, and Jason Industrial are equivalent to the industry leaders and are rapidly gaining market share.

The Hydraulic Hose Market

Currently, valued at around $10 Billion, the market is estimated to rise by about 70% by 2025. Despite this forecast, the market seems to be segmented depending on the materials available, industry, and geography. However, recent developments in automobile construction, petrochemical, and power industries in emerging markets of the world are driving the need for hydraulic hoses. Additionally, the availability of hydraulic hoses and their accessories online means that pre-made assemblies and fittings can be shipped to remote corners of the world to satisfy the growing demand.
Owing to this increase in demand, it is imperative to realize that many manufacturers of hydraulic hoses will look into gaining greater market share.

1. Eaton

Eaton is a power management company that provides its customers with services and solutions to effectively manage their power needs. Hydraulic systems management is included in their diverse portfolio. A large network of employees and an abundance of resources have enabled Eaton to become a leading name in the hydraulics market.
They provide single braid, multiple braid, and spiral hoses for a range of operating pressures for general hydraulic systems to heavy-duty mobile applications. They even offer hose condition monitoring systems that assess hydraulic hoses and alert operators in case of issues, preventing any unforeseen accidents from occurring and prolonging hose life.

2. Parker Hannifin

With a legacy of over 100 years, this company has undergone massive changes throughout its history. The company has a diverse range of divisions in many sectors like oil and gas, transportation, power generation and is one of the leading hydraulic hose manufacturers. The company boasts the largest range of abrasion-resistant hydraulic hoses in its product listings that are suitable for a wide range of applications. The company claims it can perform well in operating conditions with changing temperature and pressure due to strict compliance with RoHS and REACH standards.

3. Gates

The quality determines the success of the project they are used in. Gates is one of the leading industry solutions providers that keep quality in mind when developing hydraulic hoses and fittings. They ensure quality by using top-of-the-line materials for innovative product development and follow a strict testing regime based on over 20 international standards to ensure safety, reliability, and performance. Their hose products range from low to ultra-high pressure. Additionally, they can cater hose assemblies to a customer’s needs by providing them application-specific solutions.

4. Manulli

With its modest beginnings in Germany more than 40 years ago, Manulli hydraulics quickly spread to other centers of the world, including France, the UK, and the US. Since 1994, the company has expanded its business, specializing in hydraulic hoses and fittings and becoming a major OEM supplier throughout Europe and the major technology hubs of Asia - Japan and Korea. Manulli’s success can be attributed to the stress it places on R&D via its research centers in Italy, France, Poland, China, and India. This focus has allowed them to further hose and fittings technology, experiment with materials, and cater to clients’ needs for offshore applications.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the top hydraulic hose manufacturers will greatly improve your operations if you require hydraulic hoses regularly. A notable benefit of purchasing from top manufacturers is that they manufacture varied products with standardized checks. This ensures that all your materials are sourced beforehand and are of high quality. Moreover, you’ll get customer support if anything is not in order and you’ll have continued support in the future when parts become outdated or better alternatives are developed. The up-and-coming brands such as Titan, Kurt, and Jason are quickly gaining market share with high-quality hoses equivalent to the larger brands without the high cost that the brands come with.

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