Ultimate Guide: Pressure Washer Hoses


Pressure Washer Hose Guide: Titan Fittings Specialized Selection

Titan Fittings provides a specialized selection of pressure washer hoses, each designed to cater to specific needs with detailed features such as PSI ratings, material composition, and unique benefits.

In the Titan Fittings lineup, the PW4000 and PW6000 stand out for their robust capabilities. 

The PW4000 is a 4000 PSI pressure wash hose, reinforced with high-tensile steel wire, ideal for high-pressure tasks. Its synthetic rubber construction ensures durability against abrasion, ozone, and weather. This hose is ideal for a wide range of general high-pressure cleaning tasks such as residential and commercial cleaning, including buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

The PW6000, engineered for pressure up to 6000 PSI, features double steel wire braids, offering exceptional strength and resilience in harsh conditions. Both hoses are designed with water resistance and temperature adaptability, ensuring reliable performance across various applications. This hose is suited for extremely demanding applications, such as industrial cleaning and surface preparation tasks, where higher pressure is required for effective results.

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