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Stainless Adapters

Stainless steel is a highly durable and corrosion-resistant alloy. It contains chromium which reacts with oxygen and forms a thin layer of chromium oxide that prevents the stainless steel from rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel is available in different grades which are suitable for different environments. The most common grades of stainless steel are the 304 Stainless steel and the 316 Stainless steel.

The 304 Stainless Steel

The 304 Stainless is one of the most commonly used grades of stainless steel. It contains chromium and nickel which are the non-iron metals. It is a non-magnetic and has lesser thermal and electrical conductivity. It has a higher level of corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance.

The 316 Stainless Steel

The 316 Stainless steel grade is the second most commonly used grades of stainless steel. It contains molybdenum which makes is flexible and more resistant to rust and corrosion. It is highly resistant to heat and also has cryogenic toughness.

Stainless steel pipe adaptors are the pieces that aid in changing the direction, volume, and pressure of the flow of liquids, gases, or fluids during processing, stopping the flow, or connecting various parts of the piping system.

The high-quality stainless steel adaptors are available in various types for several different purposes including male and female threaded, flared, without flare, BSP, ORFS (Face Seal), and flange adapters. The stainless adaptors or hydraulic adaptors provide a reliable and leak-proof seal for different industrial and commercial applications such as chemical processing units, refineries, power supply units, and several different purposes. They are considered suitable for high-pressure applications as well as extreme temperatures.

There are various types of stainless adapters that are used in piping systems including:

1. Tee

The stainless steel pipe tee is used to connect pipes either of the same or different diameters and aid in changing the direction, splitting, or combining the flow of water, fluid, liquid, gas, or any material in the piping system.

The stainless steel pipe tees are available in various sizes and shapes including a straight tee or 90° tee, reducing tee, equal tee, wye tee, male and female branch tee, male and female-run tee and lateral tee. The stainless steel tee is corrosion resistant and durable and that is the reason it is considered suitable for high-pressure applications.

2. Elbow

The stainless steel elbow fitting is installed when attaching two pipes either to change the direction or the volume of the flow of liquid or fluid. They are available in different sizes and shape including 45° elbow, 90° elbow, and reducing elbow. They are used in several industrial as well as commercial applications because of their properties such as reliability, durability, corrosion resistance, cryogenic toughness, and heat resistance.

3. Reducer

It is a stainless steel fitting that is used to connect two pipes of different diameters in order to control the volume or pressure of the flow. The stainless steel reducers are available in several different shapes and sizes including tee, elbow, and socket.

Mainly, there are two types of reducers; concentric reducers and eccentric reducers. The concentric reducer has the center of both ends on the same axis while the eccentric reducer has the center of both ends is not on the same axis.

4. Cross

The stainless cross is shaped like a cross. It has four ends; one inlet and three outlets. It may be used as three inlets and one outlet depending on the application. It is suitable when the main concern is space-saving. The ends of the stainless cross are at 90° angle from each other and they are threaded at each end to provide a reliable and leak-proof seal.

The stainless cross is available in different shapes including the reducing cross, compression cross, and wing cross, etc.

5. Plug and Cap

Stainless steel plug and cap are the fittings used to seal the opening ends of the pipes when the piping system needs repair and maintenance. The stainless steel plug has male threads (external threads) and the cap has a female thread (internal threads).

6. Unions

This is the fitting that joins two ends of the pipes. A union consists of three pieces; a nut, a male threaded end fitting, and a female threaded end fitting. It is easy to install and remove a union and that is the reason it is considered suitable for applications that require frequent repairs and maintenance or parts replacement. There are two main types of union fittings:

  • The ground joint union has three pieces and
  • The flange union has two pieces only.

7. Couplings

A coupling is a fitting that is used to connect two pipes or tubes of similar or different sizes. It is a small pipe either having a socket or female threads on one or both ends. It is used to either terminate or extend pipe runs, changing pipe size or repairing a leaking or broken pipe. There are several different types of couplings including full coupling, half coupling, compression, reducing, and slip or repair coupling.

8. Bushings

The bushing is a threaded pipe fitting internally as well as externally that is used to join two pipes or components of different sizes. They are considered suitable for pneumatic systems.

9. Flange

The stainless flange adaptors are used for connecting networks or piping systems of either the same or different materials. There are various types of flanges including blind flanges, slip-on flanges, lap joint flanges, and weld neck flanges.

10. Nipple

The stainless steel nipple is a fitting that has plain, beveled, male threaded or combination of these at one or both ends. They are considered suitable for low-pressure applications. There are various types of stainless steel nipples including reducing nipple, hexagonal nipple, welding nipple, close or running nipple, and hose nipple.

11. Valves

Stainless valves are the pipe fitting used for controlling the volume or pressure of the flow of liquid, fluid, or gas either by opening or by closing the pathways completely or partially.

The stainless steel valves are attached to the piping systems with the help of different compression fittings, welding or flanges, etc.

12. Connectors

The connectors are used to join the pipe threads to a tube. There are female threaded (internal threads) as well as male threaded (external threads) connectors that are called a female connector and a male connector respectively. The stainless connectors are resistant to corrosion, long-lasting, and ensure high-performance level at high temperatures as well as in high-pressure applications.

13. Bulkhead

Stainless bulkhead adaptors are used to aid the free flow of liquids or fluids in a container, drainage, and other plumbing systems. These fittings are used to create distribution channels in the piping or plumbing systems. They are available in the male threaded end and the female threaded end either on one end or both ends. These hydraulic adaptors may not be threaded at all. The stainless threaded bulkhead fittings are of two types:

  • Standard Threaded
  • Double Threaded

14. Compression Fittings

The stainless compression fittings are used to connect two pipes or tubes or pipes and tubes or other equipment. The stainless steel compression fittings are comprised of three parts; the body, the nut, and the ferrule but there are stainless steel compression fittings that are comprised of two parts only.

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